Open remote desktop session from linux

Personally, I am using Linux Mint. But for work, I need to connect to my Windows 10 PC from work. I use two ways to achieve this.


The easiest way ist to install Remmina.

sudo apt-get install remmina

And we are ready to connect to our Windows client, by opening remmina. My only struggle with Remmina is, I can only use one of my monitor for the session. But sometimes I want to connect to the Windows client and use both of my monitors for the remote session. This can be done with xfreerdp.


With xfreerdp, as mentioned before, we can connect using all our monitors. First, lets install it.

sudo apt-get install freerdp2-x11

To make a connection and use all our monitors, we can use this command from the cli.

xfreerdp /multimon /u:sij@codesie.local /v:win-sij.codesie.local /f

To enter and leave the full-screen monitor, we use ctrl + alt + enter.