Ansible Cheatsheet

Display ansible settings

It can be verified which ansible.cfg file is used.

ansible --version
 ansible 2.10.5
   config file = /home/ansible/devops/ansible/stpf/setup/ansible.cfg
   configured module search path = ['/home/ansible/.ansible/plugins/modules', '/usr/share/ansible/plugins/modules']
   ansible python module location = /home/ansible/.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/ansible
   executable location = /home/ansible/.local/bin/ansible
   python version = 3.8.5 (default, Jul 28 2020, 12:59:40) [GCC 9.3.0]

Display matching hosts

Nothing will be executed.

ansible all --list-hosts
   hosts (1):

Select a host group

ansible -l newStpfServer all --list-hosts
   hosts (1):

Check playbook syntax

ansible-playbook --syntax-check execute-setup.yaml
playbook: execute-setup.yaml

Show all facts

Ansible gathers facts of the target nodes. We can have a look at them by using the setup module.

ansible all -m setup